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Investment in the energy transition reached record highs in 2022. Despite this, CO2 and methane levels in the atmosphere continue to rise. But can cutting-edge space technology help us turn the tide?

In 2022, global investment in energy transition equalled fossil fuel investment for the first time. Yet, despite more than $1 trillion being invested each year in clean energy, CO2 and methane concentrations in the atmosphere continue to rise.

Who is responsible? One study found a staggering 5.5-billion-ton gap between greenhouse gas emissions acknowledged by nations each year and emissions calculated by independent models.

So how can we make this equation work better?

One answer lies in the next generation of space technologies. In 2023, geospatial analytics company Kayrros used satellite data to uncover “mind-boggling” methane emissions from Turkmenistan. Fortune Magazine recently named Kayrros one of the 50 companies changing the world.

Join us for an exclusive fireside chat with Kayrros co-founder, Antoine Halff, and Bogdan Gogula, managing partner at NewSpace Capital, to explore:

James Bourne

Editor at Large,
Sustainable Future News

Bogdan Gogulan

Antoine Halff

Co-Founder & Chief Analyst,

Bogdan Gogulan

Bogdan Gogulan

CEO and Managing Partner, NewSpace Capital

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