Author: Katie Pereira

As our Sustainability & ESG expert, Katie has over 15 years’ recruitment experience, working exclusively within the Sustainability and Environmental Sector. A Masters Graduate in Environmental sciences herself she is now a recognised figure in the community through her work with Allen & York. Katie has regular involvement with both Women in Sustainability and the Southern Sustainability Partnership and recently presented on the subject of Sustainability Recruitment at a networking event for graduates at the University of Birmingham.

With a quantum leap in terms of focus on corporate sustainability and governance, with non-financial reporting and other mandatory requirements such as the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) coming into force, the competition for corporate sustainability talent is significant. Driven from multiple angles –regulations, investors, consumers, and employees – 2021 was the start of a dramatic shift in how business leadership saw, and responded to, the broad sustainability and governance agenda. What started as an awareness has now become a business-critical element and altered the way businesses see sustainability and how it integrates into their business model. No longer ‘a nice to…

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